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A word on the way naming works in Legerdemain: Longtime families in Legerdemain combine surnames when they marry, and then those are combined down three generations, when it all simplifies again. Shelley’s parents were both of the name-simplified generation. Her mother is a Magnus; her fathr, a Grantone. So the four of them are Magnus-Grantone, although Silas shortened his name to “Silas M.G”. to fit on theatre marquees. Shelley’s surname is Magnus-Grantone. Samantha married a guy named Harver, so while they were married, she became Samantha Maggran-Harver. Magnus and Grantone were combined, and she took on Harver. Her husband’s people take the father’s surname when they marry. When Samantha got divorced, she went back to Magnus-Grantone. When Sunny got married to Gloria Vole, she became Sunny Maggran-Vole. Gloria’s people take the matrilineal surname when they marry. You can’t really peg people by their surnames, although sometimes you can figure out interesting stories.

The Magnus-Grantone Family — The Heart of the Serial

Shelley Magnus-Grantone: Sheriff of The Order of Order, covering Legerdemain, the province of    in the kingdom of Cosenquo. She is 38 annos at the start of the serial, She is the eldest of the four siblings. Pan-sexual. Auburn hair. Uniform in gunmetal gray, with pine-green epaulets, denoting her position as Sheriff. Earth-alinged, which means her strongest magic is connected to the earth. She is afraid of heights. Her full title is Sheriff of the Order of Order of Legerdemain and the Province of Kystnaere, granted by King Cordahan of Cosenquo and the Oracle.

Samantha Magnus-Grantone: Shelley’s sister, the second eldest.. 36, She is air-alinged, which means her strongest magic is aligned with the powers of air, and of intellect. She is a lawyer, often working prosecutions. Always dressed to the max. Darkest red hair of all of them. Usually wears dramatic eye makeup. Formerly married to the jewel/art thief Dorran Harver. They still love each other, and fight constantly.

Sunny Maggran-Vole – Shelley’s youngest sister. 34, She is fire-alinged, with her magic strongest connected to fire. Smallest of the siblings, curvy, a little plumper. Lightest color hair, strawberry blonde. Married to the singer Gloria Vole. She has a warm, friendly personality, is a great cook, and a strong business woman. She owns and runs the Soleil Café, just off Market Square.

Silas MG – youngest sibling and brother, 32. He’s water-alinged, with his strongest magic connected to water and creativity.. Taller than Shelley, russet auburn hair, green eyes, long lashes. Actor heading the Playhouse’s rep company. Pansexual. Silas finds old stories in the theatre archives that Shelley converts into cover stories for her inspectors. Silas is famous throughout Cosenquo for his performances. He loves the spotlight, and also knows how to use the spotlight to divert attention when he needs/wants to do so.

Roxanna Magnus – The Oracle of the land, living in the well-protected Citadel. As Oracle, she can See quite a bit, except when it affects her family. She’s a very powerful witch and clairvoyant. As tall as Shelley, usually wears her white hair in a chignon. She wears the dark purple robes with silver embroidered runes, which are part of her office. moonstone cuff bracelets. She keeps her Oracle’s circlet ready for ceremonies. She is charismatic, powerful, kind, but tough when she needs to be. Referred to as “Your Visionary.”

Dr. Argento Grantone – Shelley’s father, Roxanna’s husband. Astrologer/astronomer. Handsome, distinguished, with blue eyes. He adores his entire family. He’s quieter than some of the rest of the family, but every bit as strong and loyal.

Extended Family

Dorran Harver– Samantha’s ex-husband, and a master thief, specializing in jewels and art. He’s an elegant black man, with a house in the famed Atraxia district of the city. His agreement is that he doesn’t steal within the city limits, and therefore is not prosecuted by the Order of Order (and his ex-wife and sister-in-law). Still in love with his ex-wife, Samantha Magnus-Grantone.

Gloria Maggran-Vole . Sunny’s wife. She is a singer at Eleganti, an elegant supper club. Goria comes for a region where surnames are matrilineal. When she and Sunny married, their surname became Maggran-Vole.