Episode Guide

The serial begins releasing episodes on Kindle Vella on July 28, 2022. The direct link to Legerdemain’s Kindle Vella page is here. From that page, you can read the first three episodes for free, and then purchase tokens to buy the next episodes.

Episodes 1 and 2 released on launch day. After that, episodes will release on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the length of the run. The Episode Guide will update so that the most recent episode is at the top of the guide.

Episode 30: The Inmans Have Opinions

Murdered guests are bad for business.

Episode 29: The Accidental Consort

The nervous consort has a secret tying him to both murder victims.

Episode 28: Mer Dealings

Questioning the Merfolk is never easy. They always want payment, monetary and personal.

Episode 27: Death in Drown Port

The body of a  murdered young woman is returned from the sea by a merman. It’s the same M.O. as the murdered man in the garden.

Episode 26: Descent into Cellarton

Time for Shelley to go into the city within the cliffs under Legerdemain, and pay a visit to her ex-girlfriend, the best tarot reader she knows.

Episode 25: Welcome to the Inkblood Bookshop

Almost cozy. Nothing sharp. Run by vampires. Which means they know all about exsanguination.

Episode 24: The Temple of the Underworld

Trying out outrun death? Good luck with that.

Episode 23: Meeting with the Stannator

Sometimes you have to do your civic duty.

Episode 22: Truth Writes Itself

Books write history as it happens in the Fathomless Library. So how come certain passages are crossing themselves out as soon as they’re written?

Episode 21: A Special Amulet

Shelley gives Joanne a special amulet for her quest. Will it help Joanne achieve her goal? Will it save Joanne’s life? Or will the amulet come back on a corpse?

Episode 20: Books in Danger or Dangerous Books?

A routine Inkspection turned deadly for Inkspector Paige & her WordMerc Corsico when they stumble across thieves who don’t just steal books, but burn them. In Cosenquo, the penalty for book burning is death.

Episode 18: Mathaniel’s Story

Mathaniel read all the books & learned all the card tricks. He went on what was supposed to be simple quest for a pegast coin. Instead, he fell into the fight of his life.

Episode 17: Strife in Stomende

Wounded dragons land inside the Fathomless Library compound, with an Inkspector, a wounded WordMerc, a terrified Questor, and charred books, in flight from the chaotic southern province.

Episode 16: Can You Enter the Fathomless Library?

Shelley and Fletcher know there are answers inside. But first, they have to answer the riddles posed by the sphinxes guarding the gate.

Episode 15: Navigating Market Square

Madame Arabella plays the psychic, but her connections from her days as a fan dancer at the Mystic Mons Club may help answer some questions.

Episode 14: Unaligned Puzzle Pieces

Fletcher learned the Temple thefts angered Fledgling Phoebe and frightened Acolyte Colyer. Shelley is sure their reactions are significant to the whole puzzle, but how?

Episode 13: Sisterly Affections

Shelley, Samantha, and Sunny – magical sisters who won’t let anyone or anything harm those they love. Even when it’s complicated.

Episode 12: Lunch Hour Delights

A little lunch hour distraction with a lover gives Shelley disturbing new information on disruptions in other parts of the kingdom. Do they tie into the murder?

Episode 11: The Un-Fight Club

Mom’s protégé wants a physical fight. Shelley’s more interested in how and why he finagled his way into her mother’s trust.

Episode 10: Dad, Then Daedalus

It’s always a pleasure to visit Dad & his celestial charts. But the Questor who Mom took under her wing? Not so much.

Episode 9: A Visit with Mother

Unrest in the Kingdom requires the Oracle’s attention. Murder in Legerdemain requires Shelley’s.

Episode 8: Journey to the Citadel

Through the square and up the hill. When the Oracle summons, Shelley must comply. Don’t ignore your mother.

Episode 7: There are Rituals and then There are Rituals

Upset priestesses calmed, and then The Messenger arrives from the Citadel. Let’s hope The Messenger doesn’t catch the curtains on fire this time.

Episode 6: Missing Magical Machinations

Artifacts missing from temples at the same time as a dead body shows up? Shelly knows it can only mean one thing: a ritual. And it won’t be pretty.

Episode 5: The Luminous Lady

The ghost of a pirate’s wife has information on the murder. Why was one of the killers wearing the pirate’s signet ring?

Episode 4: The Clash of the Ladies Who Lunch

Mrs. Hulatossits threatens to take Mrs. Parchaesti’s house off the House and Garden Tour. Dead bodies in the garden Are Not Done in the upscale Atraxia district of Legerdemain.

Episode 3: Interview with Lord Fuster

Lord Fuster found the body in Mrs. Parchaesti’s garden. Lord Fuster is a small, yappy dog. Interviewing him should be interesting.

Episode 2: Corpse Talker Follies Ren Foster is the best corpse talker in Legerdemain. Shelley gets him to the crime scene, but he’d rather be the corpse than the corpse talker.

Episode 1: Dead With the Daisies

Sheriff Shelley Magnus-Grantone and her team investigate the death of a young man garroted, stabbed, and exsanguinated. He’s got a tattoo of the Order of Seismic Alchemy on his wrist. But that order’s been disbanded for 800 years.