Legerdemain Serial Finale

On June 4, Legerdemain wrapped season one at Episode 195.

As of that date, the entire 195 serial episodes are available to binge read for a limited time. The first 10 episodes are FREE. The remaining episodes are 10 Tokens each, for a total of 1850 tokens needed to binge the entire season.

You can binge it here.

Watch this video for reasons to binge:

Audio “Upbeat Rock Action Spot” by Breakz Studios from Pixabay.com

Stay tuned for more information on what comes next for LEGERDEMAIN!

Changes to Kindle Vella!

Kindle Vella has made some changes, with an eye to giving serial readers a better experience.

Instead of the first three episodes always free, now readers get the first TEN episodes free.

Instead of every episode being a different token price, all episodes are 10 tokens, no matter what the length. Most of the LEGERDEMAIN episodes are over 1000 words, so it’s often like getting even more free content.

Likes, faves, comments on unlocked episodes are always welcome, and help other readers find the serial.

You can read the serial here.

Episodes continue to go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you like LEGERDEMAIN, check out some of my other serials on my Serials page.

As always, thank you for your support There are novellas and stories about tertiary characters in the Legerdemain world, which will not release as serials first.

Stay tuned!


There was a glitch in Kindle Vella, and it would not allow me to schedule the episode designated for today, Episode 71. That episode will go live on Thursday, along with the regularly scheduled Episode 72.

My apologies for the delay and any inconvenience/disappointment it causes.